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Common Issues with BambooHR
Common Issues with BambooHR

Common Issues with BambooHR and Troubleshooting Tips

Updated over a week ago

You may have questions with your BambooHR integration! This article is here to help you investigate an issue or question with BambooHR and find the root cause. As always please reach out to [email protected] if you need assistance!

Missing fields across a Common Model

Missing field for a particular record

  • If you notice a missing field for a particular record, for example a single employee's job title, a good place to begin troubleshooting is with logs!

  • Go to your Merge Dashboard -> Linked Accounts and select the linked account

  • Click Logs

  • BambooHR requires you to request the fields that you want to pull from BambooHR explicitly. For each request we make to BambooHR, we put in the requested fields in the query parameter. The list of fields can be found here:

  • Going back to our example, let's say we are looking at why an employee's job title is not populating.

  • The employee's ID in BambooHR is 1800.

  • Using BambooHR docs from above I have found that the field corresponding to an employee's job title is "jobTitle".

  • I can use the log filter and search functionality to look at a request for that employee!

  • Use text filter contains "jobTitle" and URL filter contains "1800"

  • Select a log: in this case we can see the employee "jobTitle" is returning "null" from BambooHR

  • This means that the employee does not have a job title in BambooHR. Work with your customer to have it added!

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