When creating a Custom Access Level for the BambooHR, the following permissions need to be enabled for a Basic Employee Information / Provisioning use case.

This means that data related to Compensation, Pay, Time-Off will be not be accessible. If your product requires that data, please see this guide!

The First Tab: See About Other Employees

IMPORTANT: Please select "ALL EMPLOYEES" for who this access level can access the information for.

Under the Personal section, enable View access for the following:

  1. Basic Information:

    1. Status

    2. Employee Number

    3. First Name

    4. Last Name

    5. Preferred Name

  2. Address:

    1. Address Line 1

    2. Address Line 2

    3. City

    4. State

    5. Zip Code

    6. Country

  3. Contact:

    1. Mobile Phone

    2. Work Phone

    3. Work Email

    4. Home Email

Under the Job section, enable View access for the following:

  1. Hire Date

  2. Original Hire Date

  3. Direct Reports

  4. Team

  5. Employment Status

    1. Employment Status Date

    2. Employment Status

    3. Termination Type

  6. Job Information

    1. Job Title

    2. Department

    3. Division

    4. Location

    5. Job Information Date

    6. Reporting To

The Second Tab: See About Themselves

  1. Should Employees be able to see their own information?

    1. Select "Yes, Allow Access"

  2. Which Access Level should apply?

    1. Select "Full Access"

      1. This means that the BambooHR Employee with this custom access level will be able to see the same information for themselves

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

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