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ADP (non-partnership) Common Issues
ADP (non-partnership) Common Issues

Common Issues with ADP and Troubleshooting Tips

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Common Authentication Problems:

  • Troubleshoot Tip 1: The credentials may have been entered before the Service Account User was set up.

    The majority of the permissions and account creation need to be done BEFORE your customer initiates the Merge Link Flow. Please make sure you follow every step carefully in this guide before entering credentials in Merge Link.

Objects and Fields Showing up as Null

  • Troubleshooting Tip 1: Make sure the Practitioner Role has 'View Only Access to All People' checked off in People Access.

    Without this permission, the reports will be empty and all data fields will be null.

  • Troubleshooting Tip 2: Ensure your Service Account has access to the Employee Census Report.

    • The account will have access if they have all the correct permissions enabled, as shown in Step 2. The required permissions will give you access to the Employee Census Report, which is necessary to pull data. See the required and recommended permissions below:

      • Required In Reports & Analytics:

        • My Reports:

          • All Reports

          • My Standard Reports

        • View:

          • Reports Output

          • Reports Scheduled

        • Report Dashboard:

          • Reports Dashboard

        • Standard Reports:

          • All reports (only grants access to report types that are otherwise checked)

          • Personal & Employment

          • Recommended but not required:

            • Benefits - optional, check this box if you want the integration to sync Benefits data

            • Pay Statement History - optional, check this box if you want the integration to sync Pay data

            • Time Off - optional, check this box if you want the integration to sync Time Off data

      • In People:

        • Employment:

          • Employment Profile

        • Personal Information:

          • Employee Profile Report

          • Personal Profile

        • Recommended but not required:

          • All People permissions: click "SELECT ALL" in the top left. This will allow the integration to sync data pertaining to Time Off, Time and Attendance, Payroll, and Benefits information.


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