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Setting up receiving webhooks for Dixa
Setting up receiving webhooks for Dixa

How to set up receiving webhooks for a Dixa linked account

Updated over a week ago
  1. In your Merge account, go to Advanced -> Webhooks -> Third-party Webhooks. Make sure "Allow automatic webhook creation" is enabled.

  2. FOR MERGE CUSTOMER: Once the Dixa account has been linked, go to the linked account page -> Webhooks. Enable the webhooks if they are not enabled by entering any word in the Signature key (will be updated in Step 4). Repeat this for every webhook.

    Copy the "Merge receiver URL" (the URL should be the same for every webhook). Send this to your end user to complete Step 3.

  3. FOR MERGE END USER: Log into your Dixa account and go to Settings -> Integrations -> Webhooks. Create a new webhook with any name, and the URL that is provided by the Merge customer in Step 2.

    Select the following events:

    1. Created

    2. Assigned

    3. Closed

    4. Note added

    5. Message added

    6. Unassigned

    7. Open

    8. Pending

    9. Transferred

    10. Abandoned

    Click Save. You should see a Secret generated for the webhook. Send this to the Merge customer to complete Step 4.

  4. FOR MERGE CUSTOMER: Use the secret passed from the end user in Step 3 and replace the key for every webhook in the "Signature key" field


  5. Your Dixa receiving webhook set up is complete!

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