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Setting up Receiving Webhooks for Greenhouse
Setting up Receiving Webhooks for Greenhouse

How to set up Receiving Webhooks for Greenhouse

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Receiving Webhooks: When an event occurs in a third-party platform - such as a change to end user data - that platform can be configured to send Merge a webhook with a data payload.

Receiving webhooks are a powerful tool, but setting up Greenhouse receiving webhooks is an intricate process. Steps 1-4 and 7 are for Merge end-users and Steps 5-6 are for Merge customers.

We highly recommend these steps are performed together, in real time.

For Merge End-Users (Steps 1-4)

Step One: Go to your Configuration settings on the upper right hand side and Dev Center.

Step Two: Go to Webhooks in the Dev Center to Create a New Webhook

Step Three: Copy the URL your vendor sent you and paste it in the Endpoint URL field.

Give your webhook a name, and leave the "error recipient email" field blank.

Step Four: Set the Secret key to any string. Send your vendor the Key. DO NOT SAVE THE WEBHOOK!

For Merge customers, it is important for you to save the webhook configuration in Merge before your customer saves it in Greenhouse. The webhook will not work if the webhook is saved in Greenhouse first.

For Merge Customers (Steps 5-6)

Step Five: Go to the webhooks tab in your Greenhouse linked account.

Step Six: Add in the Singature Key and Save. Enable the Webhook.

For Merge End-Users (Step 7)

Step Seven: After your vendor (the Merge customer) saves their webhook configuration, you can save the webhook by selecting Create Webhook.

You should see this message at the top of your screen. If so, the setup was successful!

Video Tutorial for Merge Customers

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