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Setting up Receiving Webhooks in JazzHR
Setting up Receiving Webhooks in JazzHR

How to set up a receiving webhook in JazzHR

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This requires coordination between you and your customer. It is best to complete together.

  1. Work with your customer to define a signature key that will be used to connect the webhook. This can be defined by you or your customer.

  2. In Merge, go to your JazzHR account. Go to Webhooks

  3. Enable both the VERIFY and CANDIDATE-EXPORT webhooks. Enter the signature key from step 1. Save both.

  4. Copy the Merge Receiver URL (it will be the same for both VERIFY and CANDIDATE-EXPORT).

  5. Have your customer go into JazzHR and then go to Settings -> Integrations

  6. Scroll to the bottom. Next to Candidate Export Integrations click Add Integration

  7. Enter a name for the integration, the webhook URL (from step 4), and the signature key (from step 1).

  8. Follow the steps here to set up an automatic candidate export workflow in JazzHR!

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