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Using Merge's POST Application /change-state
Using Merge's POST Application /change-state

How to Change an Application's Job Interview Stage using POST Application / change-state

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When updating an Application's stage in an ATS, there are some processes that must be followed to get a 200 Ok or 201 Created!

Best Practice

  1. Verify that the Application ID exists by doing a GET /Application request first.

    1. If you would like to create the Application, you must do POST Application first.

  2. Verify that the Job Interview Stage exists by doing a GET /job-interview-stages request.

  3. Verify that the Job Interview Stage you would like to update the application to, is not already attached to that application.

    1. You can do this by performing a GET /Applications request and seeing what stage the application is current at.

  4. Verify that the remote user exists by doing a GET /users request.

  5. Follow this body:


    1. Please see the Field Support by Platform for that integration to see what else is required.

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