Our Accounting Unified API is able to support a wide array of use cases dependent on POSTing data.

What are your available POST endpoints, and what can I do with them?

All our endpoints start with the base URL: https://api.merge.dev/api/accounting/v1

Use the endpoints below to do the following.

What endpoints do you support it?

What does it do?

What integrations do you support

Which integrations do you support, and where can I learn more?

POST /Invoices

  • Create invoices

  • Create bills (when type=ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE)

Quickboooks, Netsuite, Xero,

See our most up-to-date model in our docs.

POST /Journal-Entries

  • Create Journal Entries

Quickboooks, Netsuite, Xero, and more

POST /Purchase Order

  • Create Purchase Orders

Quickboooks, Xero,

POST /Payments to Journal or Invoice

  • Add payments to existing Invoices or Journal Entries

Quickbooks and more

POST /Contacts

  • Add a new vendor

  • Add a new customer

Quickbooks and more

POST /Account

  • Add a new bank account

  • Add a new general ledger

Quickbooks and more

POST /Expenses

  • Record a new expense.

Quickbooks, and more

How Flexible is Your Writes Support?

We’ve invested heavily in our writes through our Unified Writes support. For an end-to-end guide that helps you anticipate all fields across differing integrations, please see our Unified Writes Guide.

Need Help Understanding Accounting Concepts?

Have a Question About Your Use Case?

If you’re wondering if a specific action is possible through our API, don’t hesitate to reach out through Email or Intercom: we’re always happy to help.

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