If you have access to a Gusto Free Trial or Demo account, you can still link this as a test linked account. It will just require a few extra steps, but our team can help you get it up and running quickly!

A demo Gusto Account will have "[email protected]" as the username.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Link the Trial/Demo Gusto Account as a Test Linked Account as you normally would. This will result in a Linked Account instance with the status "Incomplete."

  2. Reach out to our team over Intercom or email [email protected] with your Organization and Linked Account.

  3. A member of our team will complete the linking process by routing the authentication through the Gusto Demo Portal Login. You will then see the account marked as "Complete" in your Merge dashboard.

Note: Please ensure Gusto Partnership is not enabled when linking the Demo Test Linked Account!

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