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Lever - How do I link my sandbox account?
Lever - How do I link my sandbox account?

How to link your Lever sandbox account to Merge

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To authenticate a Lever sandbox account, you will need to update your partner credentials in the Merge dashboard, register your sandbox, and log in with your credentials. This guide will walk you through all of those steps.


Please ensure you fulfill all the requirements to set up the integration:

  • You have Administrator or Manager permissions in your company's Lever instance or someone has shared their access with you.


Step 1: Register your sandbox

  1. Use this link and enter the following details:

    • Integration Name (name of the product being connected to Lever)

    • Descriptions of your integration (must be between 20 and 140 characters)

    • Callback URI (ensure your callback URI is set to

    • Square Logo (must be a link)

    • Required scopes (make sure to request exactly this set of scopes):

      • offline_access

      • applications:read:admin

      • archive_reasons:read:admin

      • contact:write:admin

      • feedback:write:admin

      • files:write:admin

      • forms:write:admin

      • interviews:write:admin

      • notes:write:admin

      • offers:read:admin

      • opportunities:write:admin

      • panels:write:admin

      • postings:write:admin

      • referrals:read:admin

      • requisition_fields:write:admin

      • requisitions:write:admin

      • resumes:read:admin

      • sources:read:admin

      • stages:read:admin

      • tags:read:admin

      • uploads:write:admin

      • users:write:admin

      • webhooks:write:admin

Step 2: Enter credentials in your Merge dashboard

  1. Navigate to Integrations (left sidebar), then to ATS

  2. Check the Lever partner box

  3. Enter your Oauth Client ID, Oauth Client Secret, and Redirect URI.
    The Redirect URI is:

Step 3: Add a linked account

  1. Navigate to Linked Accounts, click on Test Linked account, click on Launch Test Link

  2. Select the "I want to authenticate through Lever's Website"

  3. Select Lever Sandbox

  4. This should open another window:

  5. Accept, and proceed with the rest of the linking flow

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