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How do I resync an account on demand?
How do I resync an account on demand?

Using Merge's force resync endpoint and dashboard functionality

Updated over a week ago

There may be situations where you don't want to wait until the next scheduled sync for a linked account. Merge allows customers to force a linked account to resync on demand.

In Dashboard

You can force a linked account to resync by going to Linked Accounts in the Merge dashboard, selecting the account you would like to resync, and clicking the "Resync" button.

Programmatically via API

You can also use the /sync-status/resync endpoint to resync an account programmatically if your plan allows for it. This can only be done for Production Accounts, not Test Accounts.

Resync via API is only available on specific sync plans. If it's not enabled on your plan, you may get an error when using the API. Let us know if you'd like to upgrade or trial this feature.

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