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Searching Logs within the Dashboard
Searching Logs within the Dashboard

In-depth API Log search criteria in the Merge Dashboard

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This article covers Merge's logging capabilities, how to use the Logs page, and other features!

Navigating to the Logs Dashboard

After logging in, you can access the Logs Dashboard by clicking on Logs.

Searching Logs

The search bar at the top of the Logs page allows you to filter on certain criteria. Some of those criteria are described below!


All Merge logs have a directionality. This allow you to filter for logs that were sent from Merge to 3rd party endpoints, or from your organization to Merge endpoints.


Inbound Direction of API Requests within the Logs Dashboard refers to API Requests made from your organization to Merge. The URL will include the Merge domain, and the icons will show your account initial -> Merge Logo.

These logs are triggered by your backend processes, or from a testing platform like Postman.

An inbound log will display the data Merge is returning to your organization, as well as the url, headers, and query parameters that you included in the request.


Outbound logs refer to API requests Merge makes to third party platforms on behalf of your organization. Icons will show the Merge Logo -> third party's logo. These requests are triggered automatically via Merge's sync schedules, manually via the API Tester, or via a force resync.

An outbound log will display the data that a third party platform is returning to Merge, which will ultimately be normalized into our common models. We also will display and filters or query parameters used in our syncs.

Text Search

One of the most useful tools debugging will be the Text Search filter. You can query the Logs page for a specific text string, and the Logs Dashboard will return all logs where that string is present. Most importantly, this includes searching through response bodies. This can be incredibly useful if you are searching for a specific Employee, Candidate, email address, etc.

Tips on finding specific logs

Apply these criteria, in order, to have the best chance of finding your log!

When multiple filters are used, "AND" logic is applied between filters. We do not currently support "OR" filtering logic.

Filtering Criteria

Direction: first determine if you are interested in a Merge response (inbound) or a 3rd party response (outbound)

Organization: next, filter down to the specific account you are interested in

Method: are you looking for a GET request, a POST request, or something else?

Response Code: are you looking for a 200 response (good) or a non-200 response (something went wrong)

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