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Workday POST Timeoff Nuances
Workday POST Timeoff Nuances

Nuances for creating Timeoffs in Workday using the Merge API

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Merge supports submitting timeoff requests to Workday via their REST API endpoints. The following help center article is designed to outline some important nuances to be aware of while interacting with our POST /timeoff API endpoint.


  • The timeoff request type passed in the POST request body must be present in the worker’s list of eligible time off types they can take as specified in Workday. We will attempt to auto-generate and find a valid time off type value based on the standard request type ENUM values:


    • SICK





    and units ENUM values:

    • HOURS

    • DAYS

    that Merge defines, but if the specific request type is known that request type should be used instead.

    • Auto-generated time off types are constructed as follows: request type ENUM value + (unit ENUM value). For example: VACATION (DAYS).

  • If POSTing a timeoff request with the units in DAYS, Merge does not currently support request amounts larger than one day at a time. This is due to the Workday REST API's requirement to have accurate and specific date, time, and timeoff quantity values per day in order to make successful outbound API requests to Workday. If you wish to make timeoff requests for periods larger than a day, please make multiple API requests for each discrete day, and validate that the objects have been created in Merge.

  • If POSTing a timeoff request for one DAY, Merge will translate that request to a daily quantity of 8 hours for the timeoff request. This mirrors the default behavior of the 3rd party system / time off requests submitted through the Workday UI.

  • Employee notes that are sent in the body of the timeoff POST request to Merge will be reflected as a comment for the associated timeoff request in Workday.

If you have any other specific questions when interacting with this API endpoint, please reach out to the Merge team at [email protected]

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