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This article outlines some of the first steps your organization can take to start your Merge experience! Be sure to follow the hyperlinks for more in depth explanations of each concept.

Test Linked Accounts

  • When testing with Merge, be sure to use test linked accounts rather than production linked accounts

    • Test linked accounts are not billed!

    • Use a Test Access Key to set up a test linked account, rather than the Production Access Key

    • Test linked accounts will start the initial sync automatically, but subsequent syncs will need to be triggered manually from the Merge dashboard

    • You can convert a test account to a production from the Linked Accounts dashboard


Syncing Strategies

  • Modified_after timestamp filter

  • Webhooks

    • Merge offers webhooks on top of all of our integrations to notify you when there are changes to your data

  • Expand

    • The expand parameter is a great tool to retrieve nested data while limiting the total number of API calls


Troubleshooting Tools

    • Running ledger of your calls to Merge, and Merge’s calls to your third party

    • Searchable and filterable

    • Alerts for common API issues including bad API keys, missing credentials, and rate limits

    • Configure email alerts from the Settings page

Supplemental Data

    • Use when Merge is hitting an endpoint, but not storing all the information you need

    • Returns the entire, unformatted response from the third party API

    • Use when you want to hit an endpoint that Merge does not currently query

    • Provide the path, method, headers, and body, and Merge will handle authentication

    • Merge offers a growing library of pre-written pass through requests to signed customers

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