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Justworks "Missing Permission" Persistent Error
Justworks "Missing Permission" Persistent Error
Updated over a week ago

This guide should be used if you see that the "Missing Permission" error has been stuck for a while for a Justworks Linked Account, and/or the Linked Account is in a "Relink Needed" state with a "Missing Permission" error being the reason.

"Missing Permissions" errors can fix themselves, or if it's persisting when you first set up an account, please refer to the "First Fix."

First Fix:

Ensure that your customer has the required Admin privileges in Justworks (like below screenshot)

If they do and you still continue to see “Missing Permission”, you likely need to fully delete the Linked Account + Service User because there is a disconnect between the Linked Account in Merge and the Service User in Justworks that causes this error to show up.

Second Fix:

  1. [Merge customer] Delete the Linked Account in Merge and your product

    1. Linked Accounts tab > Find associated Linked Account > Settings tab > Delete

  1. [Customer end user] Delete the Service Accounts they’ve set up in Justworks

  2. [Customer end user] Set up new integration in your product through Merge Link with new email address

    1. This should not be the same one as they had before, since the original one has now been deleted. The screenshot below should show when they go to re-link

  1. [Customer end user] Follow the rest of our instructions, ensuring that all permissions are checked

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