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Justworks - Service Account Authentication

How to create a Third Party Service Account within Justworks to set up an Integration

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Linking Video on how to create a Justworks Service Account + Link

Step One: Navigate to Manage Employees

On the Justworks Landing Page, navigate to the "Employees" section under "Manage" to add the Service Account.

Step Two: Click "Add" on the top right corner

Click "Add" on the top right hand corner of the screen to create a new Employee.

Step Three: Click "Add 3rd-Party"

After you click "Add", please navigate to the bottom of the screen to "Add third party or temp". Expand this section, and click "Add 3rd-party".

Step Four: Add all the information for Merge Service Account

Now you will need to add the information to create the Employee that will be leveraged for the Service Account integrations. (Most important information bolded below)

You will use the Name + Email within Merge Link to populate First Name, Last Name, and work. email.

  • Member Type: 3rd Party Admin / Accountant

  • Admin Access: Yes

  • First Name: Merge

  • Last Name: Service Account

  • Title: Service Account

  • Manager: can be empty

  • Department: "No Department" + can be empty

  • Office: "Remote" + can be empty

  • Work Email: *Input email provided in Merge Link*

  • Send Invitation to: Work Email, Now

Note: If you are transitioning your Justworks account from a previous authentication process, you will have to re-open the linking modal to open Merge Link and pull the work email. This email address won't be found in Justworks.

For Personal / Home Email: please leave blank. Merge will go through the process of updating this field automatically with another generated email after the Service Account is created.

Once completed, press "Invite Merge".

Step Five: Add all the appropriate permissions

Once you "Invite Merge", you will need to confirm the Service Account's permissions. Please confirm that the Service Account should be an "Admin", and the below permissions.

Required permissions to sync ALL Merge fields. This can be adjusted based on your use case if certain data points are not required:

  • Edit Company Settings

  • Manage Employees

  • View all employee information

  • View basic employee information

  • Upload and View all Documents

  • View Invoices and Reporting

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