Detailed Error Messaging

What is Detailed Error Messaging and where is it supported?

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Merge offers Detailed Error Messaging to provide guidance to you and your end-users on resolving any errors that come up, whether during Authentication in Merge Link or later.

Please check out our 3 Minute Demo below!

Merge Link

When your end-user goes through Merge Link to authenticate their account, we will run a check to identify 1) if the Credentials are Valid, and 2) if the API Credentials have provided proper permissions to access the information required by the Merge customer (respecting scopes).

In the example below, an end-user who had valid credentials provided API Access to the endpoints with which we interact for Employee, Employment, Location, Team, and Group.

The API Credentials did not have access to the endpoint for Time-Off, so we surfaced the exact directions your end-user needs to complete to remediate this issue!

Issues Dashboard / API

End-users can also make changes to their API Access after the point of linking, and we also want your CSMs to surface detailed remediation steps back to your customers. The Issues Dashboard will have these detailed remediation steps under "Description." The Issues API will also have detailed error messaging under "Error Details." You can send these messages right back to your customers to remediate any Issues that get generated!

We're continuing to add Detailed Error Messaging on an Integration by Integration basis. If you notice an integration that doesn't support this feature yet, let us know and we can add support!

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