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An explanation of Merge issues with invalid login credentials, missing permissions, bad API key, and hit rate limit

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Merge allows you to track issues with all linked accounts right from the Dashboard! This allows you to proactively address any errors that your customers might be facing.

What issues can I track?

Right now, we track the following issues:

  • Invalid Login Credentials - Flagged when implementing login-based authentication. We flag this error if a user has entered an invalid username and password for the system.

  • Missing permissions - Flagged if we’re able to obtain a valid API key, but insufficient permissions have been granted for the API key.

  • Bad API Key - Flagged when implementing API-Key based authentication, and a user has entered an invalid API key.

  • Hit rate limit - Flagged when we’ve been rate limited by the system.

With our error message templates, you can send messages to your customers in case they have the wrong credentials or permissions.

We typically resolve issues automatically on our end, but you can also click the 'Resolve Issue' button manually if it's been resolved!


If there are issues that require escalation (i.e. null fields after resyncing, failed link errors), please bring it up to [email protected]!

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