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Cornerstone TalentLink SKUs

Describes which SKUs are necessary to integrate with Merge!

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If your customer plans to link their Cornerstone TalentLink account with Merge, they may get asked about purchasing SKUs from Cornerstone TalentLink. These are the related SKUs Merge interacts with.


  • Foundational API - "Allow you to create learning objects, add goals, enroll users to an instructor led training, get transcript details for a user, and get a job posting's details among other actions."


(These are only required if you need to use passthrough requests)

  • Reporting API - "The Reporting API allows you to retrieve data from your Cornerstone Real-time Data Warehouse. The API adheres to the OData protocol (v4) and dynamically adjusts to reflect your portal's schema."

  • Bulk API - "Provides you the ability to create and update your organization's data in
    Cornerstone. The Bulk API is RESTful, uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication, and is built on top of a scalable and resilient data load framework. Currently, Cornerstone supports loading the Users and Organizational Units."

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