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Workable - How do I link my account?
Workable - How do I link my account?

How to link your Workable account to Merge

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To authenticate your Workable account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Subdomain

  • API Key

This guide will walk you through finding or creating those credentials within Workable.


Step 1: Log in to your Workable Portal

  1. Log in to your Workable portal via your organization’s tenant URL

  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of any page to open up the dropdown menu. Click Settings

  3. Click Integrations in the left menu

  4. Go to the Access Token section on the page. If you do not have an API key created yet, click Generate new token

  5. Configure Scopes. If you want to limit the scopes that Merge has access to, please make sure these are added so that Merge is able to sync data for the account. These are the minimum scopes required:

    • r_candidates

    • r_jobs

    You may need additional scopes depending on your use case, for example you will need w_candidates if you plan to POST/create candidates

  6. Retrieve your API key

Step 2: Enter information in the linking flow

  1. Back in the linking flow, enter the subdomain that appears when you log into Workable. For example, for, please enter company-name. Do not enter the full {companydomain}

  2. Enter the API key you retrieved from step 1.6 above

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