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How to link your account to Merge

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To authenticate, you will need to generate an API Key and paste it into the linking flow.


Please ensure you have Admin permissions in your company's instance or someone has shared their access with you.


Step 1: Generate your API key

  1. Log into the platform

  2. From the sidebar, click the three dots to extend the drop-down menu. Then click "API access tokens."

3. Create or edit an existing API Key

  • If you have an existing API key, you can use the edit button to update the scopes on the key

  • If you do not have an existing key, use the "Generate new token" button to create a new key:

4. Configure the scopes you will need for your integration

  • At a minimum, you will need "View public data" to retrieve basic employee data like name, email, and job title

  • Enabling "View public and private data" allows us to read information including:

    • gender

    • date of birth

    • country

    • city

    • state

    • zip_code

    • remote_id

    • job_title

    • phone_number

    • email_address

  • If you need compensation data for your integration, enable "View compensations"

  • You can reference the Humaans docs for more details on API key scopes

Step 2: Paste your API key into the linking flow

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