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Integration Wide Field Mapping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Integration Wide Field Mapping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Integration Wide Field Mapping FAQ

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How are integration-wide field mappings returned via API?

  • Any integration-wide field mapping is considered an organization_defined_targets in the API response — see below:

What happens if I use the same name for the Linked Account-level target as the Integration-Wide target?

  • Example: You set a Linked Account-level target for your customer, Walmart (who uses Greenhouse), called prospect pool. You now want to create an Integration-Wide mapping for Greenhouse called prospect pool.

  • It will automatically be 're-associated’ to an organization_defined_target. This will be reflected in the Dashboard UI for Walmart’s Linked Account page:

  • Note that this will change the API response from the target field being returned as a linked_account_defined_targets to a organization_defined_targets. This change will be reflected on the subsequent sync!

What is the behavior of the Linked Account-level Override toggle?

  • If enabled, this will allow you to adjust the Origin of a specific Linked Account, using the existing Target Field you’ve already created.

    • For example: You have a Target Field prospect pool, and its mapped to the Greenhouse field prospect_pools_usa. You have Linked Account-level override turned on, and so now, for your specific customer you can change the Greenhouse Origin from prospect_pools_usa to prospect_pools_eu.

  • This will not adjust the API response: the Target Field will still be returned as part of organization_defined_targets

  • If disabled, you will not be able to create a new mapping from the same origin field, but past linked account level mappings should not be affected.

What is the "add to my organization's target fields" button?

  • When creating a Target Field in a Linked Account settings, you have the option to apply it to your Merge Organization's Field Mappings. This will allow you to map this Target Field to other integrations' Origin Fields.

After I change or delete a Field Mapping, what happens?

  • When a field mapping change is made or a field mapping is deleted, we will not immediately kick off resyncs for linked account(s) automatically. The next resync (scheduled or forced) for any affected linked account will be a full resync. You can expect this sync to take longer than a normal sync, as it will be treated as an initial sync.

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