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Guide to Field Mappings for Hibob
Guide to Field Mappings for Hibob

Utilizing Field Mappings feature for Hibob

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Note: This is a premium feature that is only available on our Core, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Please contact your Engagement Manager if you would like to purchase this feature!

Step 1: Finding the name of the custom field you would like to map to:

  • Navigate to Linked accounts page

  • Navigate to API Tester

From API Tester:

  • Method: GET

  • Path: /company/people/fields

Find the ID of the custom field you are looking for, by searching for the Name:

Copy the ID:


Step 2: Mapping the field to a Merge Common Model

Navigate back to the Linked Accounts Page:

Map the field to the appropriate Merge Common Model:

If this is a test linked account you will need to resync the account from the Merge Linked Account Dashboard. If this is production, you should begin seeing the field after the next automatic sync!
Please reach out to [email protected] if this is missing from the response.

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