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Paylocity - Connecting to a Partnered Organization
Paylocity - Connecting to a Partnered Organization

How do I link my Paylocity Account to an Organization partnered with Paylocity

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You can follow the steps in this Guide from Paylocity on how to navigate to the Integrations Marketplace, enable API Access, and eventually link your account in Merge.

Note: There may be a cost associated with the API setup + gathering of credentials from Paylocity.

If these steps do not apply to you, and you are connecting to a non-Paylocity Partner, please follow this guide instead!

Step 1: Sign into Paylocity

Step 2: Navigate to the Integrations Marketplace

You should navigate to HR & Payroll > Web App > Web Services > Integrations > "Browse Marketplace"

Step 3: Browse to find the specific Organization you are trying to connect to

Step 4: Click "Begin Integration" and sign the PADE (“Paylocity Automated Data Exchange”) form

Step 5: Submit the form and wait for Paylocity to confirm.

It can take a few days for Paylocity to confirm the PADE request. It is not an instant approval.

Step 6: Once Paylocity confirms your request, input your Company ID into Link

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