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Paylocity - How do I link using OAuth?
Paylocity - How do I link using OAuth?

How to link your Paylocity account to Merge using OAuth

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To authenticate Paylocity, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Company ID

This guide will walk you through finding or creating those credentials within Paylocity.


Step 1: Fill out a Paylocity Web Services Access Request Form

How to fill in the form:

  • The Client Contact Information should contain information on the end-user's company (for example, the HR personnel from the end customer).

  • The Vendor / Third-Party Contact Information should contain the information for the customer using Merge / the company you are connecting to.

  • Under "Briefly describe use case", you can describe how you are using Merge to connect to the Third Party

  • You can ignore the "Webhook Push Notifications" section

  • Permissions:

    • If you do not need Pay Statements, Deductions, & Earnings, fill out the following:

    • If you do need Pay Statements, Deductions, & Earnings fill out the following:

Note: Get Employee is a required permission to authenticate the linking flow, but only endpoints needed for your integration should be selected. For example, if you don’t need Pay Statements, Deductions, or Earnings, remove those from the permissions.

Step 2: Send your completed form to [email protected]

The email body should contain the following:

Subject: Requesting Client ID and Client Secret

Hi Paylocity team, can we get access to a Client ID and Client Secret for API access? ( We have attached the form specifying relevant permissions.

Note: There may be a cost associated with the API setup & gathering of credentials from Paylocity.


Step 1: Enter your Client ID & Secret into the linking flow

Paylocity will provide you with your Client ID and Client Secret, which you can enter into the linking flow. For further information, you can find full details on Paylocity's website here.

Step 2: Enter your Company ID into the linking flow

Your Company ID is the ID you used to login into Paylocity, and it will be the same ID you see in the upper left-hand corner of your Paylocity portal. Enter your Company ID into the linking flow. If your Company ID is "CS932637", only enter "932637".

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