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TriNet - How do I link my account?
TriNet - How do I link my account?

How to link your TriNet account to Merge

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The TriNet integration requires a Client ID, Secret, and Company ID to authenticate. This guide will walk you through finding or creating those credentials within TriNet.


Please ensure you fulfill all the requirements to set up the integration:

  • You are an Integration Administrator in your company's TriNet instance, or someone has shared their access with you


Step 1: Accessing your Client ID, Secret, and Company ID

  1. Sign in to TriNet (

  2. Follow the navigation path to access the TriNet Integration Center: Admin•Manager > Integration Center

  3. Click Get Started from the TriNet API section of Available Apps.

  4. Select the applicable integration name from the Select an Integration drop-down list

    If you don't see the company you are attempting to integrate with listed in the dropdown, please contact your account manager.

  5. Click Accept

  6. Copy the Company ID, Client ID and Client Secret

    Do not navigate from this screen until the credentials are entered in Merge or securely saved in a local location, as they cannot be accessed again

  7. Click OK

Step 2: Copy and paste the Client ID, Secret and Company ID into the linking flow

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