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Self-Serve with Merge: Launch Plans FAQ
Self-Serve with Merge: Launch Plans FAQ

An overview of Merge's Free and Launch Plan Pricing

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This article will cover:

1. General Information on Merge Self-Serve Plans

What is “self-serve”?

  • Self-serve is the option to sign-up and begin using Merge without contacting a member of our sales team.

What options do I have to “self-serve” with Merge?

  • Our Launch plan allows you to sign-up and begin implementing Merge instantly.

How is the Launch plan priced?

  • Launch Plan:

    • Free for your first 3 Production Linked Accounts

    • $650/month up until 10 total Production Linked Accounts

    • $65/Linked Account after 10 Linked Accounts

  • For more information about the features across our plans, please visit our Pricing Page.

What is a Production Linked Account?

  • Any live linked account that is not marked as ‘test.’ Production Linked Accounts are intended only for production data. To see how to mark an account as Test, please see our Help Center article on Test Linked Accounts.

How do I sign-up for the Launch plan?

  • Sign-up at at for our US multi-tenant server.

  • If you wish to use our EU multi-tenant option, please reach out to a member of our team to get you started. Refer to our EU multi-tenant FAQ for more information.

If I want access to more Production Linked Accounts at a scalable price, what should I do?

  • You would need to explore our Professional, or Enterprise plans, which offer buckets of Production Linked Accounts at bulk discounts.

  • Please reach out to a member of our Sales team to discuss how we can best serve your use case. Schedule a conversation here.

2. General Billing Information for Merge's Self-Serve

If I am on the Launch plan, when am I billed?

  • The first of the month, based on your average monthly usage in the previous month.

What are my options for paying, and where do I pay?

  • We accept payment via credit card and ACH. You can enter your payment details and pay through the billing tab in your Dashboard.

If billing occurs on the first of the month and is based on the previous month’s average, how do you count my ‘average’ number of Production Linked Accounts?

  • Billing is based on the net-average daily count of the previous month’s Production Linked Accounts.

  • We calculate this by taking a snapshot of your production-linked accounts on each day of the month and averaging it by the number of days elapsed in that month.

How do I know whether I am going to receive a bill at the beginning of the month?

Am I limited on data usage, such as Common Model count or API requests, with your self-serve plans?

  • No.

3. Transitioning to a paid Launch Plan

What happens if I add a 4th Production Linked Account?

  • The first time this occurs, you will receive an email notification that you have hit the free threshold of the Launch plan.

Am I charged for the Launch plan pricing immediately after adding a 4th Production Linked Account?

  • Not necessarily. You will only be charged for our Launch plan if your average number of Production Linked Accounts over the course of a month is 4 or greater.

If I don’t have payment information on file and I’m charged for Launch, what happens?

  • You will still receive an invoice in your dashboard, and be prompted to enter payment information in the Billing section of your Dashboard.

  • Note: Production Linked Accounts over the Free Plan limit may be locked if your account is delinquent in non-payment for longer than 60 days.

4. Transitioning from Launch to Premium (Professional / Enterprise) Plans

If I am on the Launch plan, and my monthly average is greater than 10 Production Linked Accounts, what happens?

  • You'll be charged for each new Linked Account at a rate of $65 per Production Linked Account.

  • If you would like to upgrade to our Professional or Enterprise plans, you should contact our sales team.

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