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Becoming a Paylocity Partner
Becoming a Paylocity Partner

Requirements to become a Paylocity supported API vendor

Updated over a week ago

While a partnership is not required for our Paylocity integration, if you are interested in a partnership with Paylocity, they offer the ability to become an official supported API vendor if you meet the following requirements:

  • At least three mutual clients

  • Use only a single Client ID for API setups

  • Use Webhooks to know when changes/events happen

  • Provide support, implementation, and escalation contacts to Paylocity

In addition to being listed on the Paylocity Marketplace, this partnership provides one Client ID for API setups as well as easy onboarding for new customers looking to gain access to an API key.

Once the requirements have been met, email [email protected] with the following:

Paylocity's marketing form

An overview of your integration solution

A preferred image to be featured on the Paylocity Marketplace

For further information, you can visit Paylocity's website here!

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