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Common Model Toggles and Field Scopes
Common Model Toggles and Field Scopes
Control which common models and fields you sync in your Merge app
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Data security is a massive priority here at Merge, and we know it is for our customers too! This is why we added the ability to sync only the data you need and avoid storing any data you do not want passed through Merge.

How do I check what data is passed through Merge?

If you are a signed customer on our Core, Professional, and Enterprise plans, you can check out the Common Models tab in the Configuration section of your Merge app, where you can set what data you want to sync via Merge at the common model or field level!

Disabling a field or common model means that Merge will no longer store that data to our database. However, data that already exists for the disabled fields or models will not be deleted and will still be available via Merge endpoints.

What if I want to disable certain fields when linking with Merge?

We understand if your customers have any concerns about sharing sensitive user information with Merge. When setting up Service User permissions, you can toggle some fields that you wish to mask from Merge, and this will not affect your integration!


Disabling a field or common model will typically result in null values, so don't be surprised when you get this in the responses from Merge!

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