Redacting Unmapped Data

Learn how Merge respects scopes and privacy for unmapped data

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Merge redacts data from the third-party for both mapped and unmapped fields. This prevents security concerns by redacting sensitive fields that appear in logs and remote_data. Merge will also not store these values as well + redact them completely.

This feature is only available on our Core, Professional, or Enterprise plans and can be set at both the organization level for a category, or for a specific linked account. To set this for your entire organization, go to the Common Models page and toggle Redact Unmapped Data.

Note: Flipping the toggle on will affect future syncs and logs. It will not apply to data or logs that have already been synced.

To set this for a specific linked account, go to the Linked Account and toggle Redact Unmapped Data under Configuration.

To see what this looks like, you can view the logs for the account and verify that fields are marked "<redacted>".

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