TriNet gives you the ability to show up as an existing integration your customers can select when they are provisioning their API key. We at Merge want this to be as seamless for your customers as possible, so we highly recommend going through these steps with TriNet. You can get this provisioned for you by filling out this form.

You'll first note you're a third party developer, after which you need to fill out basic company information. Once you reach step 7, you'll want to check Custom Integration.

On the next screen you can fill out the details of your customer who's sponsoring the integration (meaning your customer with TriNet). Next, you'll note you want to build a Custom Integration.

Select the most applicable software category for your integration for step 13. At step 14, you'll select 'Other' and enter the name of your product.

Step 15 will ask you the provide details on the integration you're building, which will entail outlining what data you intend to pull from to send to TriNet, and what you intend to use the data for.

Pick the first option at Step 16, and then add any additional detail you think may be helpful at the final screen.

TriNet will get back to you once this has been submitted and work to list you as an available integration for your customers!

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