TriNet requires a Client ID and Secret, which you'll need to have provisioned for your account by the TriNet's team. You can get this provisioned for you by filling out this form.

The first six steps will just require you to fill out basic business information about you and the platform you're trying to integrate with. Once you reach step 7, you'll want to check Custom Integration.

You'll then want to check Third-Party Pre-Built Integration, locate the proper category, and then locate the particular product you're integrating with in step 9.

At step 10, you'll select 'New Setup.' The final screen will have you Review and complete Company Officer Information, after which a TriNet representative will be in touch with you, typically within three to five business days

After the id and secret get added to your account, you can log into the Developer Portal, click on your email address in the upper right, and select Apps.

NOTE: You'll need to sign up for a Developer Account if you don't already have one since that is how TriNet deliver these credentials, which you can do here.

You'll click the relevant app and then copy the id and secret into Merge Link!

NOTE: If the product you're integrating with hasn't gone through the approval process with TriNet to be listed as an integration, you'll need to follow a different set of steps.

Once you reach step 7, you'll want to check Custom Integration.

You'll then want to check Other at step 8 and fill out the name of the application you're integrating with.

At step 9, you'll need to provide TriNet details on the what you need the ID and secret to be able to access in terms of data for the integration to work.

You can specify to TriNEt you want access to the following endpoints:

  • GET - List All Employees

    • basic-read

    • hr-admin-read

    • hr-pay-read

    • hr-personal-read

    GET - Get Company Details

    GET - List Departments

    GET - List Locations

    GET - List Payroll Schedules

    GET - List Pay Groups

    GET - List Employee's Pay Checks

    GET - Get Employee’s Pay Check Details

    GET - Get Employee’s Pay Info

You'll then meet with the TriNet team and get access to the credentials in the Developer Portal!

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