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Listing Your Organization as a Pre-configured Integration in TriNet
Listing Your Organization as a Pre-configured Integration in TriNet

Get set up as a listed integration for your customers to select within TriNet

Updated over a week ago

If you are a TriNet Customer and are looking for information about your Client ID, Secret, and Company ID, go to this guide instead.

TriNet requires all developers to register their integration before onboarding any customers. Your customers will not be able to get an API key until you complete this step with TriNet.

Step 1: Complete the Integration Registration Form

Select the appropriate scopes and API-level permissions you need depending on your use case. If you need all the data Merge offers, you'll need to select all of the scopes:

  • basic-read

  • hr-admin-read

  • hr-pay-read

  • hr-personal-read

Do not select all of the scopes unless they are necessary for your use case - doing so will significantly delay TriNet in processing your request.

After submitting, TriNet will typically process your request within 1 week.

Step 2: Enable the TriNet integration in Merge

Once you've received confirmation from TriNet that your company appears as a pre-configured integration, you can enable the integration in Merge. This will allow your end-users to start using the integration.

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