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Working with API Partners
Working with API Partners

Overview of how Merge works with API Partners

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Merge Overview

Merge sells an API that helps developers integrate once to offer a full category of integrations to their customers. We currently offer APIs in 7 categories: HRIS / Payroll, ATS, Accounting, Ticketing (help-desk / project management), CRM, File Storage, and Marketing Automation.

Our product allows B2B companies to build into Merge once, rather than having to build one integration at a time. Whether it’s pulling employee information or recent transaction data, Merge allows our customers to send and receive key data from their platform to the systems we integrate with.

Authorization is enabled with our drop-in component, Merge Link. Our customers embed Merge Link into their product. When the customer of a Merge customer wants to enable the connection between a vendor they use and our customer’s product, they will be taken to Merge Link, where they will follow the steps we outline to authorize sending and receiving data from their vendor. This is what ultimately allows our customers to send and receive data on behalf of their users.

How Merge works with API partners' partners

We sell to complementary companies that would want to integrate with our API Partners quickly, but do not have the resources to do so or may be new to building integrations. We do not charge API Partners' customers.

Companies who are partners with Bamboo HR, Lever, ADP or Gusto can enter their partner credentials in Merge, and still use Merge to integrate quickly.

Once a company with a partnership has put in their Application Key, Oauth Client Id, Oauth Client Secret, their users will experience the partner login flow when they go to authorize the integration in Merge Link!

How Merge works with API Partners' customers

Merge does not charge API Partners' customers.

All of Merge’s customers are complementary companies that offer an integration with our API Partners. API Partners' customers are able to connect their data in the API Partners' product with those vendors, reducing the amount of work required to keep their data in sync.

API Partners' customers can connect the Merge customer application with the API Partners' product by authenticating access via Merge Link, allowing an easy and secure flow of data!

How Merge pricing works

We do not charge API Partners' customers. We charge API Partners' partners that would like to integrate more quickly with multiple platforms through Merge. Our pricing plans are listed on our website.

If you have any specific questions or would like to inquire about custom pricing, please feel free to reach out to us!

How Merge prioritizes security

Merge provides an incredibly high level of security to all our customers. We encrypt at transit and at rest, and add another layer of encryption on top. From day one, we have been SOC 2 Type II certified and follow industry-best practices to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of security. We also comply with all applicable laws of GDPR.

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