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Testing the Merge API in Postman
Testing the Merge API in Postman

Testing the Merge API directly in Postman

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Postman API is an API client to help developers test, share and document APIs. This is a useful tool to test sending requests to Merge's API endpoints whenever you're setting up an integration. In this guide, we'll talk about configuring your Postman to send successful requests to the appropriate Merge API endpoints.

Finding required Authentication Keys and request data

To start, you'll need to gather the Base API URL (and endpoints you need to make requests to), Merge Production Access Key, and the permanent account_token you received after adding Merge's integration authentication component to your product.

The linked account token is specific to the particular linked account you're testing with. You can get your account token by using Merge Link (view docs) and saving your token at the end of an integration authentication workflow (as depicted in the diagram below)

The schema for Merge API requests is:<category>/v1/<endpoint>

The Merge base URLs are listed below:

To locate your Production Access Key, head to the bottom left in the Merge Dashboard. Hover over your name and click Settings -> API Keys

Configuring Postman

Once all the information is gathered, open Postman and create a new HTTP Request. Enter your request URL and the API request method (GET).

Under Authorization, change the Type to Bearer Token and copy the Production Access Key to the token Box.

Under Headers, add in your permanent account_token value under the key X-Account-Token.

Click send! If successful, the response will return a body as shown and a 200 successful HTTP response! Note that the response body varies by API and by request. You can refer to our docs to check out the relevant fields supported by each object and endpoint!

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