Obtain your SAP subdomain

Log into your SAP instance. Your subdomain will be in the login URL listed before Successfactors. You can also find this in your welcome email. For example, you can find your subdomain in the section that contains the Company Link, before "successfactors" and after "https":

You will want to copy the whole URL to set up the integration:

Enter your SAP User Name and Company ID

To find your SAP User Name, you can look in your welcome email for your Company User Name:

To find your Company ID, you can also find this in the welcome email under Company Link:

Alternatively, you can find your Company ID by logging into SAP SuccessFactors, navigating to the top right corner, clicking "Show version information," and locating the Company ID on the modal that pops up:

Once you find obtain these two values, enter them in the Merge modal:

Obtain your SAP Client ID and Secret

Log into your SAP instance. Navigate to Manage OAuth2 Client Applications (navigation may look a bit different depending on the SAP instance you're working with, so it might be easier to do a search).

Click Register Client Application.

Fill out Application Name & Application URL (what actually goes in these fields isn't important).

Click Generate X.509 Certificate. Fill out Common Name (name doesn't matter) and hit Generate.

Once you get brought back to the screen click Download. You will have downloaded a file called Certificate.pem.

Click Register (it will have replaced the Generate button).

You will now see your Application listed. Click Edit.

You will now see an API key listed - this is your Client ID.

Open up the Certificate.pem file that you downloaded in a text editor. The string between ——BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY——- and —-END ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY——- is your Client Secret. Copy your Client ID and Secret, and paste it into the Merge modal:

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