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How to send HRIS Data from Hibob through SFTP
How to send HRIS Data from Hibob through SFTP
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Configure connection via SFTP

  • Prerequisites: You need to be an Account Admin for your Hibob Account

  • From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.

  • From the integrations menu, select Storage, then click on Connect or Manage from the SFTP tile.

  • Note: If this is your first time setting up SFTP, Bob will display Connect. If an SFTP destination has already been set up at least once, Bob will display Manage.

  • Click New SFTP destination and enter a Name for the SFTP destination.

  • Under identification, select Private Key

  • Return to your Link Portal to get the following information for HiBob

    • Username

    • Public key file

    • Host

    • Port

    • Path

  • Input the information then click save

Create a custom report in HiBob

  • From the left menu, select Analytics > Reports.

  • Click + Add New.

  • Select Report > Start from scratch > General report.

  • The Build report from scratch popup appears, containing the column picker.

  • From the left column, select the fields you want to appear as columns in the report. Either search for the field or click on a report type. Then, click on the field name to add it to the column on the right.

  • At a minimum you must include "Employee ID"

  • You can also include any other fields you wish to share

Complete and save report

  • To delete a field from the right column, hover over the field name and click the X.

  • Click Generate.The report will be displayed.

  • To save the report, click Save as

  • Enter the name for the report as "Employee Information" and add a description if necessary. Then, select the folder to save it in or create a new folder and click Save.

  • Note: If you leave the page before saving the report the report will not be saved.

Setup secure file transfer schedule

  • After you have saved the new report click the More dropdown on the top right of your screen

  • Click Schedule

  • Enter a Scheduling name (this can be anything)

  • Under SFTP select the destination that you just configured

  • Select the Frequency Period and Timezone

  • Under File Format select csv

  • Save and run

  • The reports that you created will now be sent at the schedule that you specified

  • You're done!

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