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How to send HRIS data from ADP through SFTP
How to send HRIS data from ADP through SFTP

This article covers how you can send HRIS data directly from ADP to Merge via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

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Disclaimer: Merge is rolling out SFTP in beta for select platforms. If you opt-into this feature we will maintain close support and communication but please expect bugs as we partner to improve this feature for you.


SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) is a secure and private service for sending files from one place to another over the internet. You can also securely upload reports manually on a one-time basis via a manual CSV upload. We utilizes full files and deletes rows that are not present in each transfer.

In this guide you will be given instructions on how to create a custom report with the fields that you intend to share.

If you are an ADP Canada customer, there is no Employee Census Report. Please follow the instructions on how to create a Employee Information report, and if the use case requires, Employee Salary History and Payroll History.


You may also refer to our report template for possible fields and formatting for ADP custom reports.

Step 1: Create your Employee Report

  1. Under the Reports & Analytics Tab, click the Standard Reports tab, select the 'Personal & Employment' tab.

  2. Now select either the Employee Census (only available in the US) or Employee Information report or both depending on the fields you would like to include.

  3. To ensure that the correct information is in each report, click 'What's Displayed on the Report'.

    1. Check the 'Associate ID' checkbox as well as any other fields you'd like to share. It is required to include the "Associate ID" field in every report that you send.

    2. If you'd like to see what each report supports, please scroll to here.

  4. Press Save for each report you'd like to upload

  5. If you want to un-censor Tax ID or Date of Birth, you can set that in the Appearance and Order Settings

  6. Press Save my settings in order to save this report template

  7. Select 'Run as Excel' to process the report.

  8. You will be re-directed to the Reports page. Once the status of the report is 'Completed', click the '...' button and select 'View as XLS' to download the generated report.

  9. To upload the CSV file, please convert the file from XLS to CSV (using third-party sites are recommended). *CSV is required*.

  10. Before uploading the CSV file, please re-name the following files:

    1. Employee Census -> Employee-Census.csv

    2. Employee Information -> Employee-Information.csv

    3. Employee Salary History -> Employee-Salary-History.csv

    4. Payroll History -> Payroll-History.csv

Types of reports: Employee Census, Employee Information, Employee Salary, Salary History

When generating an Employee Census Report, all fields are selected by default. You can customize to your vendors use case. It is required to leave Associate ID checked.

  • Associate ID* (required)

  • Payroll First Name

  • Payroll Last Name

  • Preferred or Chose Name

  • Gender

  • Birth Date

  • Tax ID

  • Primary Address

  • Personal E-mail

  • Home Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Martial Status

  • Position ID

  • File Number

  • Company Code

  • Job Title

  • Business Unit

  • Hire Date

  • Termination Date

  • Annual Salary

  • *And other employee fields...

The following fields exist in the Employee Information Report. Please work with your vendor on what fields are required to your use case:

  • Associate ID* (required)

  • Preferred or Chose Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Status

  • Country (Primary Address)

  • Address Line 1 (Primary Address)

  • Address Line2 (Primary Address)

  • City (Primary Address)

  • State / Province / Territory (Primary Address)

  • Zip Code / Postal Code (Primary Address)

  • Country (Work Address)

  • Personal Number

  • Home Phone Number

  • Personal Email

  • Work Phone

  • Work Email

  • Address Line 1 (Work Address)

  • Address Line 2 (Work Address)

  • City (Work Address)

  • State/ Province / Territory (Work Address)

  • Zip Code / Postal Code (Work Address)

Notice: Sometimes ADP will append a Report Totals to your custom report. If that is the case, please delete this row.

Step 2: Send your report

There are two ways to send your report that you created above:

  1. You can use a one-time update via a manual csv upload, see Step 2a.

  2. You can also schedule a recurring report transfer via SFTP and ADP's Automatic Export Service (AES). To set up recurring transfer via AES will incur a cost, paid to ADP.

Step 2a: One-time manual CSV upload

If you are looking to update your employee data with a one-time csv upload simply download the report that you created in Step 1. Convert it to a csv file then upload it into your Linking modal.

Step 2b: Recurring report automation using AES Automatic Export Service

To send your report on a recurring, scheduled basis you will need to contact your ADP representative. They will charges a fee(s) to set up and/or create report automation. You will do this by completing a Statement of Work (SOW) to get the process started. Then ADP can add automation to the report that you completed in Step 1. The typical turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

You will find key information for the Statement of Work based in your linking modal.

Step 3: Connection complete

You're done! Once the connection has been established, we will verify that the report has been properly formatted. From there, your data will be sync'ed on the schedule that you configured through ADP!

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