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ADP Workforce Now - How do I link to a partnered organization?
ADP Workforce Now - How do I link to a partnered organization?

How to link your ADP Workforce Now account to a partnered organization through Merge

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To authenticate ADP Workforce Now, you will need to provide the following information:

  • ADP Marketplace token

  • Consent to access your ADP Workforce Now data

These instructions only apply if your vendor is an ADP Marketplace Partner. If your vendor is not an ADP Marketplace Partner you can find instructions to link your account using a practitioner role here.


Please ensure you fulfill all the requirements to set up the integration:

  • You are an Administrator in your company's ADP instance, or someone has shared their access with you


Step 1: Get started

  1. Select "ADP" in the Linking Flow

  2. You will see a token that will be used in the next steps.


  3. Copy the token presented in the Linking Flow screen, but do not close this pop up window

Step 2: Logging into ADP to add the token

  1. Open a new tab and log into your ADP Workforce Now account

  2. Navigate to the ADP Marketplace

  3. On the ADP Marketplace, search for the data-connector app that belongs to the business you are integrating with

  4. Click Buy Now

  5. When prompted for a token, enter the value from the popup shown in Step 1

  6. Finalize the subscription on the ADP Marketplace Subscription flow

  7. Return to your original tab from Step 1 to complete the rest of the linking process

  8. A Next step button should will appear in the popup window

  9. Click the button to proceed:

Step 3: Providing consent in ADP

  1. Navigate to your ADP tab and navigate to the My Apps section of the ADP Marketplace

  2. Click on the data connector app set up in Step 2

  3. In the prompt asking for consent to access your data, grant access

Step 4: Connect the integration

  1. Navigate back to your original tab

  2. Click I have provided consent after providing consent in Step 3

  3. Your account is now linked, and the initial data sync has begun


  • If you don't see the prompt in Step 3, you've likely already granted access to the company you're integrating with, and you can skip this step

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