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Creating Tasks Associated with Accounts on Salesforce
Creating Tasks Associated with Accounts on Salesforce

How to push Tasks associated with Accounts to your end-users' Salesforce accounts.

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  • Task - An activity such as a to-do item.

Using POST /tasks to push Tasks to Salesforce

If you would like to programmatically push a Task to your end-users’ Salesforce accounts, you can use the POST /tasks endpoint from Merge’s Unified API!

If you would like to associate this Task to an Account, you can include an Account ID in your request body. Thus must be a valid Merge ID, which can be obtained from the id field in the Account object!

For this to be supported, the Salesforce instance will need to have the Shared Activities setting enabled.

When you include an Account ID in your POST /tasks request body, Merge sends an outbound request to Salesforce's TaskRelation endpoint. This will include the Account's remote ID under the AccountId field.

Salesforce requires that the Shared Activities setting is enabled for this endpoint to work.

Note that the account field on the POST /tasks request body for Salesforce is optional. If you do not have this setting enabled on Salesforce but still include an Account ID, your POST /task will succeed and the Task will still be pushed to Salesforce. However, the Task will not be associated with an Account.

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