What Help Desk Integrations does Merge Offer?

Software providers can use Merge’s Ticketing API to offer their users 20+ helpdesk integrations within a matter of days.

Embedding Merge’s Unified Ticketing API into your product allows your users to have access to Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce Service Cloud, Gorgias, Help Scout, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, and many many more!

Let’s walk through how you can use Merge’s Unified API to power your Help Desk Integrations.

We'll cover:

How to Launch 10+ Help Desk integrations at once

Merge Link is an authentication modal that you embed into your product, so that your users can authenticate with the helpdesk software they use.

Once your user links their respective account, this will generate a Merge linked account along with an account token. You will use this account token to pull normalized Ticket data for the user’s linked account. Merge also immediately syncs all account data.

Check out our Get Started Guide, which walks you through how to get Merge up and running.

How to Retrieve all Contacts & Accounts

Using the base URL: https://api.merge.dev/api/ticketing/v1

  • Use GET /contacts to retrieve all Contacts. The Contact object is used to represent the customer, lead, or external user that a ticket is associated with. This would be an Intercom Contact, for example. Regardless of where the Contact comes from, it’s all surfaced to you in normalized format.

  • Use GET /accounts to retrieve all Accounts. The Account object is used to represent the account that a ticket is associated with. The account is a company, that may be a customer of your user.

How to Retrieve all Agents

  • Use GET /users to retrieve all Users. Users represent the agents or admin of Zendesk, for example.

How to Retrieve all Tickets & their Comments/Messages

  • Use GET /tickets to retrieve all tickets

    • If you only want a certain set of Tickets, you can use query params, such as GET /tickets?account_id=0958cbc6-6040-430a-848e-aafacbadf4ae

    • You can surface the account_id from GET /accounts endpoint

  • Use GET /comments?ticket_id=0958cbc6-6040-430a-848e-aafacbadf4ae to get comments & messages for a ticket. Use this to retrieve Intercom messages & private notes. Or use this to retrieve Zendesk comments & messages.

What are some Example Use Cases?

Here are just some of the use cases we’ve seen be powered from Merge.

Use Case

How you can use Merge

Reporting tool that analyzes all Tickets.

GET /tickets to get tickets to analyze. Can filter using query params. Can retrieve fields like status, completed_at, and priority.
GET /users to retrieve agents.
GET /contacts to retrieve customers or leads

Give agents feedback on their Tickets.

GET /ticket/{id}
GET /users to retrieve agents
Webhooks for real-time updates on comments & tickets
POST /comment to add any notes

Conversation bots.

GET /ticket/{id}
Webhooks for real-time updates on comments & tickets
POST /comment to reply

Create helpdesk tickets & engage in conversations.

GET & POST /tickets
GET & POST /comments
Webhooks for real-time updates

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