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Okta - API Key Authentication
Okta - API Key Authentication
How to link your Okta HRIS account
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In Okta, API tokens are generated with the permissions of the user that created the token. If a user’s permissions change, then so do the token’s. Super admins, org admins, and group admins may create tokens.

Additionally, Okta recommends generating API tokens using a service account that won’t be deactivated and with Super Admin permissions that won’t change.

Step 1: Find your Domain

Login to Okta. Click on your Profile in the top right corner, copy the domain (including below your email.

Enter the domain into Merge Link.

Step 2: Find your Token

Click on Security in the left hand column, and select API from the dropdown. Click Create Token. Enter a name for your token.

Step 3: Enter the created token into Merge Link, click Submit.

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