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Setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner credentials
Setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner credentials
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In order to authenticate an MS Dynamics integration, Merge customers will need to create an Azure Application that end users will authorize to access their Dynamics tenant. The steps detailing that process are outlined below

Step 1: Check if you have a tenant:

  1. Sign in to your Azure Portal, if you do not yet have an Azure account, sign up for a free account here.

  2. If you already have a tenant, after signing in you should see the tenant name in the upper right-hand corner directly under your account name.

Step 2: If you do not have a tenant, follow these steps in order to create a new tenant:

  1. Navigate to this Active Director Creation page and log in to your Active Directory account.

  2. Choose the Azure Active Directory tenant type then select Next: Configuration

  3. Enter the required information for your tenant then select Next: Review + Create

Step 3: Registering the Application

  1. Search for and select Azure Active Directory

  2. Under Manage, navigate to App registrations and select New Registration

  3. Enter a display name, and specify who can use the application. It is important to mark select one of the Multitenant options to allow your end users to link!

  4. Select Register to complete the initial app registration

  5. Next, under Authentication > Platform Configuration select Add a Platform

  6. From Configure platforms, select Web, then enter the following callback URL:

Step 4: Add a client secret by selecting Certificates & Secrets -> Client Secrets -> New Client Secrets

  1. Within your newly registered Application, navigate to Certificates & secrets and select New Client Secret

  2. Add a description and select an expiration date for your client secret

  3. Click Add and record the secret’s value

Step 5: Adding Permission

  1. On the API Permissions page, select Add a Permission

  2. Select Dynamics 365 Business Central -> Delegated Permissions -> Financials.ReadWrite.All

3. Then select Application Permissions -> Dynamics 365 Business Central

and select:

  • app_access

  • AdminCenter.ReadWrite.All

  • API.ReadWrite.All

  • Automation.ReadWrite.All

Note: you will need admin level access to do this. In case your organization does not have an admin, you can follow the link here to take over as an admin

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