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Generating a API Key for Merge Link.

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In order to link your integration, you will need to generate an API Key and paste it in Merge link.

How to Generate your API Key

Step 1: To generate an API key for a integration, start by logging into the platform.

Step 2: From the sidebar, click the three dots to extend the drop-down menu. Click "API access tokens".

Step 3: Create or edit an existing API Key

  • If you have an existing API key, you can use the edit button to update the scopes on the key. Skip to Step 5

  • If you do not have an existing key, use the "Generate new token" button to create a new key:

Step 4: Configure the scopes you will need for your integration.

At a minimum Merge will need "View public data" to retrieve basic employee data like name, email, and job title.

  • Enabling "View public and private data" allows us to read information including:

    • gender

    • date of birth

    • country

    • city

    • state

    • zip_code

    • remote_id

    • job_title

    • phone_number

    • email_address

  • If you need compensation data for your integration (Merge employment object), enable "View compensations".

  • You can reference the Humaans docs for more details on API key scopes.

Paste your Humaans API Key in Merge Link:

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