As a unified API, Merge aims to offer all data in a standardized format for simplicity purposes. However, we also understand that accessing original data can be useful for certain use cases.

For this reason, Merge also offers customers under the Grow and Expand plan access to Remote Data.

Remote data provides data in the original format it was received in from the third-party. It is most helpful when looking for a field from an endpoint that is already called by Merge but is not part of Merge’s Common Model fields.

To access this data on supported endpoints, set the Merge query parameter of ‘include_remote_data’ to ‘true.’

Note: When disabling Common Model fields in your dashboard, 'remote_data' will not be affected. In order to disable syncing of sensitive fields, you should disable 'remote_data' as well.

Because the storage costs of storing Remote Data are very large, Remote Data is not currently available under the Free and Launch plans.

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