Setting up a Hi-Bob Service User

This guide will outline the steps needed to set up a Hi-Bob Service User. A Hibob Service User allows users to manage APIs in Hibob.

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Written Instructions

Step One: Create the Service User in your Hibob Account

1.) In your settings, go to integrations and click Manage Service Users

2.) Create a new Service User and save the Service User ID and Token

Step Two: Create a Permission Group

3.) Back in your settings, go to Role and Permissions. Click Add Another group and Name the Permission Group.

4.) In Select Who's in the Group, click select and add the Service User in the dropdown menu for Add Specific Employees.

5.) Under Manage Permissions, Other Employees add the following permissions


  • Address

    • View selected employees' Address sections

    • View selected employees' Address section histories

  • EEO

    • View selected employees' EEO sections

  • Email

    • Edit selected employees' email addresses

  • Employment

    • View selected employees' Employment sections

    • View selected employees' Employment section histories

  • History

    • View selected employees' profile changes history

  • Home

    • View selected employees' Home sections

  • Identification

    • View selected employees' Identification sections

  • Lifecycle

    • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections

    • Edit selected employees' Lifecycle sections

    • View selected employees' Lifecycle section histories

  • Payroll

    • View selected employees' Payroll sections

    • View selected employees' Payroll section histories

  • Personal

    • View selected employees' Personal sections

    • Edit selected employee's Personal sections (This is needed to surface Date of Birth)

  • Personal Contact Details

    • View selected employees' Personal contact details sections

    • Edit selected employees' Personal contact details sections

  • Work

    • View selected employees' Work section histories


  • Balance

    • See selected people's time off and sick leave balances

  • Requests

    • Create and manage selected people's time off requests

    • View, approve or decline requests that are pending approval of others

6.) Add Who the Permissions Apply To

a.) Click Select by Condition

b.) Click Edit

c.) Lifecycle Status = Employed, Hired, Terminated

7.) Click Apply and Save Changes.

Step Three: Link your Hibob account to Merge

Sign in using your Hibob Service User ID and Hibob Token.

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