An API response from Merge can return null values for certain common model fields. This might happen for a couple of reasons:

  1. The specific integration does not support the field in our Common Model (find what fields are available in each integrations: here).

  2. The field is supported, but not filled out in the third-party platform.

  3. The data is not yet available to Merge. If the information is currently syncing from the third-party platform to Merge, the field values can appear as null. As best practice, Merge recommends waiting until a sync is DONE.

    GET /sync-status endpoint

    You can find documentation regarding the sync-status endpoint here.

  4. The given field has been disabled through the configuration scope of the integration (Help Center article). Note: this feature is only available to customers on our Grow and Expand plans.

  5. The permissions associated with the user authenticating do not grant them visibility to these field values (i.e. they are not an admin or their API key has restricted access).

If you are still unsure why you are seeing null data in your response, you are welcome to reach out to [email protected]!

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