To enable an integration with Paylocity, you’ll need to get access to your Client ID and Client Secret, which requires reaching out to Paylocity directly!

Paylocity needs to know what fields to provision these credentials with as far as data that can be accessed, so you’ll need to complete the Paylocity Web Services - Access Request form. You can ignore the "Webhook Push Notifications" section; however, you will want to request access to the following endpoints:

Note: If you don't need Deductions or Earnings, feel free to remove these from the permissions.

Send your completed form to [email protected]. The email body should contain the following:

Subject: Requesting Client ID and Client Secret

Hi, can we get access to a Client ID and Client Secret for API access? ( We have attached the form specifying relevant permissions.

Paylocity will then provide you with your Client ID and Client Secret, which you can enter into the Merge modal! For further information, you can find full details on Paylocity's website here.

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