What is Deleted Data and how can it be filtered?

Currently, we support a Beta Feature available to customers on our annual Expand plan that will automatically filter out records deleted in third party systems within the Merge response. The process of detecting the deleted records will run on a periodic basis of every three days.

This can be done by using the "include_deleted_data" query parameter, where =FALSE is the defaulted method that does not include deleted data. In order to view deleted records in the Merge response, "include_deleted_data" needs to be set to =TRUE.

How to set up webhooks for detecting deleted data?

Webhooks can be configured for sending instances of deleted data for a chosen data type. This webhook will be fired when a record is detected as deleted upon a resync of the Linked Account within Merge. This will only work if "detecting deleted data" is enabled for a specific organization or Linked Account, or if you have set up third-party receiving webhooks.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to enable this feature!

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