This will cover a general overview of the different tokens involved in our linking flow. For a more in-depth look, you can read our getting started guide in our docs here!

Link Token: The link token is the first of three separate tokens you’ll use during Merge’s linking flow. This token is used as the temporary authentication token between your customer completing the linking flow and Merge.

Public Token: Once your customer completes the linking flow, you’ll be returned a public token. This is another temporary token that you will exchange with Merge.

Account Token: This is the final, permanent token generated through the Merge linking process. It's up to your back-end to properly store this so users will be able to access their integrations.

Access Token: This token is going to be the most familiar, it’s the same thing as any other API authentication token used for your organization to interact with the Merge API. Your organization’s account token can be found at!

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